Currently available shows

Prometheus' Garden

Showcased and supported by the Arts Council, Prometheus’ Garden is now being finessed and made available for touring in 2014.

Take a look at the blog and video pages for more details and drop us a line to find out more.

A Christmas Feast

The Christmas Wizard is introduced to the crowd. He produces a Christmas item from a large sack (a bit like Santa) speaks his rhyming incantation and throws it over his shoulder – behind the stage set. The transformation into light and fire occurs.

The Christmas wizard has all the ingredients for a perfect Christmas but just needs to make them bigger.

By combining our trade- mark techniques in light puppetry and mechanical set pieces in combination with a specially prepared soundtrack and pyrotechnics we perform ‘A Christmas Feast”.

A Brief History of Fire

A return to our ‘old school’ techniques for producing fire shows with the addition of cutting edge digital and MIDI controls for the pyrotechnics and purpose built flame machines. Professor Magnus Burns presents his Pyropoint lecture on the history of fire.

The Southern Lights

Frosty Mc Winters presents his reminiscence of a journey he made delivering Christmas Trees to the isolated Penguins of Antarctica

A show for a Christmas Lights switch on involving puppetry, lighting, performance, special effects and fireworks.

totem wheel
Totem 3

‘Totem 3’, an abstract performance of symbols, fire, noise, colour and light celebrates the changing of the seasons through pure sensation and raw energy.

Fiery wheels turn, lights and sounds pulsate, fire and pyrotechnic devices are blended to create new elements and structures, melding and morphing. Light and structures are brought together to form the ultimate totem, transmitter of light and symbol of orientation and longevity. A beacon in a strange and mystifying universe.

The order of nature and human kind are connected through earth’s rhythms and seasons and the universes cyclical sequences. We attempt to understand and reinterpret all things. We create machines to transmit and receive. Like the beam from a lighthouse: steady, immutable. A remorseless light of truth: stable and deep.

The company will present totem. A 20 minute show involving fire and light set pieces, crane flowen lighting and sculpure, precision pyrotechnics and a soundtrack which will leave the audience astonished. By combining sculptural and mechanical structures with specialist pyrotechnics, special effects, sonic, smoke and fire effects; we will build a surreal landscape of burning forms.


‘Pyromancy’ is the latest show from an evolving sequence of projects developed through our increasing use of video projection and VJ techniques, sound track production and precise pyrotechnic control.

The manipulation and editing of found and our own video content forms a stunning and poignant narrative of mankind’s relationship with the natural environment. This combined with a driving sound track, the firing of specialist pyrotechnics and gas flame projectors within the allotted physical or architectural space, takes the experience of outdoor video projection and pyrotechnics a stage further.

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